Prolly not by a normal lvl 68 lock tho. Chains of Ice doesnt work, and he doesnt fight fair. Commentaire de Tzarph Just soloed it as a lvl 68 demo lock. Maintenant, à propos de cette récompense…. Commentaire de Calabra Note that he’s at the upper most part of the highest cave. Then I figured what the hell might as well try with voidwalker, since he is definately tougher.

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He will not reset but run back towards your pet which is conveniently parked at bloodtrike spawn location. Was able to do the whole fight in kitty, build up 5 combo points, rip, rinse and repeat. There u will find him. Take out all the preceding ogres quickly and start on Cho’war as soon as you’re ready. There is an open path on the backside bordering Zangarmarsh that you can walk in ds drop him for the key. Tried a couple of times with felguard, however he is simply too squishy. You kill the NPC in the quest but still have more to do.

Commentaire de lorrel Simply put: When he reaches you, drop Earth Elemental Totem and wind shock to bloodsgrike the aggro you gained from the pull.

map cs bloodstrike 1 way

Level 65 just hit 66 with his death I used my trinket and adrenaline rush immediately, and evasion shortly afterwards. The idea is to wag him with time left on both SnD and recuperate. I imagine that a true tanking pet with the right talents could last even longer. When Corki respawns, the door to his box is shut.


map cs bloodstrike 1 way

Commentaire de Erahtsi As a 67 Combat Rogue: Commentaire de JKane The back door entrance is at 27,11 if you wa want to fly there and skip half of the ogres.

Made sure I had Commanding Shout up before starting and charged in. I activated Bloodrage one more time and kept gloodstrike away. Whenever I was low on health, I used a Death Strike. Chains of Ice doesnt wwy, and he doesnt fight fair.

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George is such a good boy! Used water elemental, icy veins and trinket sp ca from ‘Overlord’. Eggs That being said: Commentaire de nerdygirl Bloodsrrike a bloodtrike 63 hunter, I found it harder to find the guy then actually kill him. Then I figured what the hell might as well try with voidwalker, since he is definately tougher.

Commentaire de orloxgr Where can you find this npc?

Telecharger gratuit carte cs bloodstrike 1 way

Used -deadly offhand, instant main hand. Bloodstike de 7echno7im I love it how you have 50 people telling you have to kill the guy but not how to finish the quest.

Use Soulshatter if you pull aggro off the pet. Consultez notre guide pratique! Commentaire de Vereesa Soloed as a 67 Sub Rogue. You kill the NPC in the quest but still have more to do. You want « Viper » because it’s a lenghty fight and no special abilities so you can aggro him easier. The only way it’d work was if the pet tanked, I the druid vs in cat form mmap help with dps and after that shift to help heal the pet, shift back, do damage, shift out to heal.


Cho’war le Pilleur – Quête – World of Warcraft

Be careful not to fall down the ledge to your right. If not, wait until he does or start shooting right away if you have an LoS to him. I kind of wanted him be eaten. It was a long fight When he gets close, feign death. Commentaire de Pryltsyk Soloed as lvl 67 bloocstrike shaman, If u are enchantment shaman put ur strength of earth totem, healing stream and windfury totems, start fight with earth shock and pop ur shamanic rage and gift of the naaru alliancewhen those cooldowns are ending pop spirit wolves, then just kill him, you might have to make some instant cast healing waves cause he hit you about 1,7k mortal strikes.

Just kept hammering him, with devotion aura up. I used mana gem and lifeblood.